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I try to capture wildlife with my work, sometimes they run too fast!!

I have been drawing and painting since I was a child, at school and at home. Even as a young mother of two, I still found time when the children were in bed, to sketch and knit. As a single parent , there was little money for expensive hobbies and nights out, so a pencil, eraser, and sketch book were my outlet. I knitted in the afternoons, which I still love along with crochet, with an old friend and many cups of tea.
A chance invite to a pottery class from a friend , for company, had me hooked, I love clay and glazes and all the ways to use them. Pottery is such an expressive media, combining art and a three dimensional object that quite often is unique and came from your own imagination. Most of my work is inspired by the natural wildlife all around me in the countryside.
Back to the early days, I started work as a civil servant in 1998 and did two pottery evening classes per week at the AEC in Rochester in Kent. Many many thanks to my tutor Sarah Crouch, a brilliant potter and artist!
Early retirement enabled me to set up pottery at home, and we moved to a larger house in Minster in 2012.
I am very lucky to now have a pottery shed at the bottom of the garden which houses my pottery wheel, and where I make my thrown pieces. I do my hand building, from slabs of clay, in the utility room, warmer in the winter!, and I still do papercrafting and am fortunate enough to have a craft room, which I share with my Guinea pig, Scruffbag, who is adorable and very good company.
I live with my long suffering partner, who has to share his garage with a big old electric kiln, and puts up with all sorts of projects in process, all over the house. He is my best friend and gives me endless encouragement and support, I am a very lucky woman.