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I can knit a specific colour of bear, please feel free to message me if you wanted to see if the colour if that colour is available.

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Made By Mo x

I knit bears because they make people happy

I loooooooove knitting, if I’m not working or walking my pooches, I’ve got a pair of needles in my hands and it doesn’t matter if it’s gloves, socks, bears or jumpers I will knit it. My Mum is my guru knitter, and on a few occasions, on the end of the phone as my “I have a knitting related question”, she patiently taught me how to knit when I was very young and I’ve been knitting ever since. My most favourite thing to knit is bears because seeing people’s faces when they hold a bear with someone in mind to give it to makes me super happy. Each bear gets its own little personality and I knit them in the softest yarn i can find.