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Graeme Fisher

  • United Kingdom

“Handcrafted jewellery and lapidary work.”

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Green Monster Jewellery

Weird, just weird, oh, and occasionally confused,.... and bitter, Yep, weird, confused and bitter.

Making jewellery is my calm in a world that gets madder every day, it is my escape to a better place where the word "respect" is still understood.
Whether it be cutting and polishing stones, or setting them, or electro-forming, or casting pieces, or making chains, etching silver or copper, I like to explore as much as possible the things I can do and see what I am capable of.
My mind is a disorganised mess looking for sense.
My wife and I have a poodle that is either a complete genius or totally mad, and a Cockerpoo that invented the word stubborn!
Most of the things I do are one off, done without drawing, just off the cuff, so chances of an exact duplicate are slim.