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“Handmade items with crochet,knitting,knotting and sewing techniques.”

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Hello everyone!
Welcome to my shop where you can find entirely handmade items using crochet techniques although I love making knots in general! :) I use yarn as much as metal wires, natural pigments to make glowing items and much more.
If you have any questions, please ask and I'd do my best to answer.
Thank you

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About Flow Crochet

Flow Crochet

Unexpected crochet item: a glowing moon :)

I am self taught artist although one of my artistic grand mother nicely guided me to the creative world of knitting, crochet, art, playing instruments, singing and I could go on. So thank you to her. I am also doing an art degree at the moment (2017-18) to explore new territories.
I love what I make! I also like to be on the edge of an art form. When I said in the past I am crochet artist, it is not what people usually expect when I added I make glowing crochet jewellery or ukuleles cases! The world of crochet is vast and it can be re-invented over and over. So that is what I am about: creating new patterns, new rhythms from ancient ones with my personal touch in them.

You will definitely get something made with care, unique and hopefully it will make you smile :)

Thank you for visiting my shop.