Doodle Monkey

Laura Gray

  • United Kingdom

“Illustration, Design and Photography”

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About Doodle Monkey

Doodle Monkey

Illustrated Prints and Products

Doodle Monkey was founded in 2012 by Laura after spending 6 months working with monkeys...

Illustration has always been her passion, ever since she was a child....she even doodled(graffitied!) her entire bedroom wall once...much to her Dad’s horror!....Luckily he made a full recovery from the shock!

Graduating from Aberdeen College in 2001 after studying design and photography, Laura became a Freelance Photographer for many years, working with bands, weddings, magazines and publicity clubs, and was also a Trainee Photographer/Digital Artist at Venture Portraits.

After splitting up with her husband, volunteering in South Africa for 6 months, and returning to the UK jobless and homeless, Laura decided to do more things that she loved.....So became Self-Employed and now receives regular commissions for logo designs, artwork for weddings/websites, flyers and posters for local charities, and also sells prints and products of her illustrations.

She still continues to freelance as a Photographer(and sometimes Gallery Invigilator!) and recently relocated to Sheffield from Scotland, where she is thoroughly enjoying Yorkshire hospitality.