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handmade colourful nature inspired ceramic tiles, home decor and jewellery; capturing the transient beauty of the seasons

I am totally inspired by the stunning beauty in nature surrounding me on our smallholding in Devon. I press different flowers and plants from around the farm and fossils and shells from the nearby seaside into soft clay to make tiles, homeware and jewellery. After their 1st firing, I love to paint these carefully with many different colourful glazes and under glazes and fire again. It is such a delight to open the kiln and find the unique treasures inside.

Apart from making tiny pots from mud and clay as a kid I learnt pottery while in hospital after a breakdown in my late teens; it helped me feel I had value and worth and restored hope that I could do something with my life! While we had no room to do pottery I made cards and cakes and tie dyed fabric and all these things also inspire my ceramics today.

I'm loving living on the borders of Devon, Somerset and Dorset with my husband, our chickens, sheep, much wildlife and kids when back home from Uni etc.
We run a B&B and holiday let and one day hope to share the dream with others by running pottery courses and retreats.
Folksy kindly featured me in their blog and you can find out more there! http://blog.folksy.com/2014/12/02/damson-tree-pottery