Cosmic Kaleidoscope Art by Ruth Balliu

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Cosmic Kaleidoscope Art by Ruth Balliu
Cosmic Kaleidoscope Art by Ruth Balliu

Ruth Balliu

“Soulful expression of colours, shapes and patterns downloaded to me in moments of cosmic connection to universal beauty and wisdom.”

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About Cosmic Kaleidoscope Art by Ruth Balliu

Cosmic Kaleidoscope Art by Ruth Balliu

I paint cosmic pointillism paintings,soulfully expressing the colours shapes and patterns downloaded to me in frequent moments of spiritual connection to universal beauty and wisdom. Feel the vibes!

Hi there....
As well as painting, I offer Reiki, Reflexology and Aromatherapy. I love and am very interested in anything connected to energy/consciousness and reiki/energy healing. I had my first 'artistic download' in 2015 after I had been on a beautiful walk with two friends of mine...I was a passenger in the car with them, and looking out of the window at the beautiful countryside we were driving past...suddenly it was as if someone had a kaleidoscope toy and was showing me beautiful cosmic patterns and colours/shapes, right in front of my eyes....It was amazing and lasted about 10 minutes. This occurred several more times on occasion, in 2016 too, each time I saw beautiful patterns and almost like sacred geometric shapes, so I bought a small canvas and painted...with acrylic paints with the feeling that something was prompting me to create and express....first time ever in my life I have painted something! (Terrible at art at school I was!) I showed a friend and they said it looked like a mandala..another said it looked like a I painted another and they kept I was meant to paint them and I feel that all of my paintings are divinely inspired and from a much higher source than me, and so the name 'Cosmic Kaleidoscope' was born.

I also love the work by Elspeth McLean who uses the pointillism dotting technique too, but I use only dotting tools (used in nail art) to create my paintings, as opposed to paint brushes. I find the whole process very meditative, and I never know whats coming next; I just sit, find the centre of the canvas and make the centre dot, and then see what flows...every painting is different and unique. Most of my paintings are on box canvas, a few I paint on flat canvas board so people can use them like a crystal grid for their crystal/meditation/cosmic ordering/setting intention work. Each piece is uniquely individually designed to calm and still your mind and bring you joy.

I live in the Midlands, UK and hope to progress with my art and do some in person events too and some painting workshops. Thank you for stopping by and I hope my paintings bring you joy and positive vibes....they are all blessed with Reiki healing energy and lots of love and positivity.

Love and blessings,

Ruth x