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Pottery handmade with love

I've been potting since 1982, I first got hooked on clay at my local arts centre. I went just to keep a friend company and ended up going every day afterwards! I eventually actually worked at the arts centre. Over the years my style has changed and now I make a lot of fun pottery as well as straightforward plates and casseroles. I've worked in various places: in a rented studio space, in a garage, in my dad's conservatory, in my own shop for a while. I've recently moved house so am in the process of sorting out somewhere to work now, but I do still have plenty of lovely items available. I make funny wall plaques, cat and dog shaped soap dishes, fat cat ring holders, mugs, dishes, and large fairy castles! I also make items to order when I have a studio up and running. I have two cats, who keep me amused with their antics.