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Costume jewellery at affordable prices

I started out by making garden ornaments from different plasters and cement but I was never happy doing these so I looked around at what I could try and my partner suggested to me about trying my hand at making costume jewellery, So I looked into it and read a few books to see what I was capable of making and started by making different earrings and necklaces and found the more I did the more I enjoyed creating different things. If I did a necklace or a bracelet and I didn't like it I would just take it all apart and start again because the person buying it is the customer and poorly made will never get me any buyers only bad reviews. I don't charge high prices because I am happy just selling an item of jewellery and if the person who buys it is happy then they will buy from me again and also get there friends and family buying from me. The great thing I find about making jewellery is you never stop learning new techniques and no matter how frustrated you get while trying new ideas I find I never give up till I have mastered that technique. I always hope that people like my jewellery and are never put off by my prices I am just happy to be doing something I enjoy so much.