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“Stand out clothing that doesn't cost the Earth - eco and ethical womenswear, made in the UK”

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brm is an earth and people friendly company, making vintage-inspired womenswear.

brm began as a handful of pieces inspired by vintage clothing that I already owned. Those pieces inspired other pieces and were developed into a full collection.
When researching into fabrics, I remembered an eco-fabric store I'd come across when at University and looked it up. Sadly, that particular site was no more, but a quick search turned up a number of vendors selling eco and ethical fabrics and as someone who is heavily into fair and green politics, the direction of brm was born. Since then, I've developed a further understanding of green issues, ethical practices, and what brm as a business, and I as an individual, can do to live more ethically. I'm always striving for better ethics and better green policies - recently I switched my website hosting to a small UK based host which is 100% powered by renewable energy!

I work on brm in my spare time, from home, around my part-time job and make everything in my spare room/studio.

I am inspired by vintage clothing, quirky street style, and art.