Alison Sye

Alison Sye

“ Hand-stitched collage from stuff Londoners discard. Each piece a one-off.”

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I am selling off my stitched cards. When they're gone, they're gone.
Each eco-friendly card is handmade and totally unique, the only one is existence. Not printed, but original one-off cards sewn from conked-out stuff.
Free UK postage.

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Alison Sye

Original eco-friendly art from conked-out stuff. Politics, stitching and ruthless attention to detail. A bit London.

I'm the daughter and grand-daughter of a seamstress, and the daughter and grand-daughter of a pitman, on both sides. The details matter.

After completing a BA Hons in Fine Art / Embroidery at Goldsmiths' College, I taught in a London school, continuing to do so for many years.

Ten years ago I was seriously ill, which was bad, but I started to make art again, which was good.

My art can take on many forms. I make what I fancy from things I find (old clothes, newspapers, magazines, books, record covers, tickets, food packaging), or find me (don't get me started on junk mail). Each piece is unique and influenced by the urban environment and current events. Hand stitching is never very far away.

Two things are very important to me:
1. Never cut up a book that could otherwise be read or clothes which could otherwise be worn.
2. Record the provenance of my materials. If I use a page from a book or magazine, I will always give credit to photographers, publishers, illustrators, authors etc. You will find this on my blog. All of my work is individually numbered, so you can search a particular piece and find out about its making.

In keeping with my environmentally friendly ethos, I use recycled packaging, whenever possible. Smaller parcels will arrive on your doormat in envelopes sewn from old magazines.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch, my social media links are below.

Thank you,

PS. Interesting commissions considered.