The Cornish Hare

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“Original art and handmade freshwater pearl jewellery from Cornwall with free UK postage”

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About The Cornish Hare

The Cornish Hare

Pearls and Paintings - what else is there in life? Well gin, obviously!

I have a pretty stressful 'real' job, so love to relax by making jewellery and painting! People often ask why did I choose the name 'The Cornish Hare' for my hobby/business, well I live in Cornwall and as I was setting things up, I was out walking and a fabulous hare ran across the field in front of me, the only hare I have seen in 9 years of living here - so it seemed like fate!

Jewellery is a bit of an obsession with me, particularly pearl jewellery, I just love the iridescence of freshwater pearls and love turning them into something beautiful to wear. I started watercolour painting a couple of years ago and adore painting anything with fur or feathers!

I have turned my spare bedroom into my 'girl cave', where I spend many hours with either a paintbrush or a pair of pliers in my hands. The rest of the house I share with my husband Barry and two cats Daisy and Maisy