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Neil Littleales

  • United Kingdom

“Creating unique handcrafted art from vintage postage stamps”

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Stamp Art

Creating handcrafted, unique art work and decoupage from vintage used postage stamps.

The origins of my love for the art I produce comes from my upbringing where nothing was ever wasted, all items were used to there full potential and when this was exhausted they were recycled or reused for something else. Money was not in great supply but imagination, ingenuity and the skill to create was.
My father passed on this ethos to me and I in turn have encouraged my children, and anyone else who will listen, to do the same.
The same approach is taken with my art work by using items that would otherwise be discarded having served their original purpose; the card, mounting board, and other adornments are all sourced from the art industries 'cast off' piles, perfect in every respect they find a welcome home in my studio.
The studio itself is built with timber from the original tree house structure that served our children well and the workstation is a collection of unwanted desk and furniture items collected before the landfill could claim them.
The stamps, well they speak for themselves, used for their original purpose and discarded with the envelope that carried the contents of importance to the recipient; they are collected and sold by charitable organisations who benefit from my patronage.