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Sonja Bates

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Sonja Bates

I am a professional artist: I also love to create hand-made crochet things for the home. I love my work and I hope you will too!

I am a professional artist after having trained for two years at Art College and then going on to run my own art business for the last few years. I like to show the beauty in nature and feel inspired by natural and beautiful things such as animals, insects and flowers but also beautiful local places that I've visited.

I started to crochet when my children were small. Now they are teenagers, I have some more time again to create my own designs.

I work from home (or the garden)and I love using modern colours and mixing them with traditional patterns like the granny square.

This is also a form of therapy for me as I find choosing and working with colours uplifting and the rhythm of the crochet or the concentration needed to paint, soothing, when I am ever stressed or need to think or relax.

Please see my website for my artwork: or visit my instagram below and become a follower x