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Andrew Mitchell

  • United Kingdom

“Handmade opal jewellery, all natural opal and every piece is unique.”

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Simply Opal

Opal jewellery, every piece is unique.

I have always been fascinated by opals.
Natural opals can have the complete colour spectrum showing at once, a unique feature compared to all other gemstones that only ever exhibit one colour at any time.

I started opal cutting as a hobby, initially to stop wasting hours in front of a TV or computer screen in the evenings
Having ended up with loads of cut opals I needed to do something with them, so taught myself to make jewellery and set the opals - I'm a refrigeration engineer by trade so much of it was just miniaturising many of the engineering techniques I already knew.

I cut and polish all the opals I use myself, and only use natural opals, mostly Australian. Don’t believe many of the scare stories about opals, they are slightly harder than glass and don’t break easily - I cut them and know just how hard they can be!

Every piece of jewellery I make is a one off - even the opals used in earstuds are all hand cut by me and every one is different. So you know you'll never see anyone else wearing the same thing!

I make sure the opals I use are all good quality, some may have sand, natural inclusion or sometimes natural fractures in them, though I try to make sure these are highlighted if so and priced accordingly.
Pricing of my pieces is based on the quality of the opals used - so play of colour, brightness and colours present all affect this.

Seeing the opals in person is always better than any pictures can show, I am always willing to send video of a piece if anyone is interested in it, this usually gives a better idea of an opals' appearance.

Please contact me if you would like a custom piece made, I have loads of opals available!

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