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Sheryl Ornellas

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“Original artwork and high quality prints in a variety of media.”

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Art by Sheryl

Paintings of nature and the world around us in acrylic and watercolour on canvas, slate and stone.

I like to paint what I see around me whether that be insects or birds or any other creatures that may be lurking in the garden or outside and also places I have visited or particularly like. I originally started out as a computer games artist but find it more satisfying and creative to use and mix real paint rather than using digital textures and brushes. I now paint from home in my own 'space' and mainly use acrylic but sometimes watercolour and particularly like using ink. I also like to use natural materials to paint on such as a pebble from the beach or a piece of wood that has just been chopped to use on the fire. Recycling is also very important to me and I will always try to use recycled packaging if I can and even paint on an unloved item to make it come to life again.