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“Handmade craft supplies created from all the crafty stuff I've collected over the years. Share my stash!”

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Share My Stash

Money can't buy happiness but it can buy craft supplies and that's pretty much the same thing!

Hi, I'm Melissa Lawrence and I'm the owner of Share My Stash. I'm a writer, crafter and designer based in Leicester and I started crafting way back in the days of the famous 'Blue Peter' makes when sticky-back plastic and empty washing-up liquid bottles were all we needed!

Since then, I've tried lots of different crafts including knitting, crochet, quilling, origami, clay modelling, decoupage, cross stitch and macrame. (You'll only know what that is if you were around during the 1970s!) Papercrafting is my first love though, particularly cardmaking and I have my own handmade greeting cards business called MJL Creative Cards where I design, make and sell my creations. (

Share My Stash came about when I woke up one day and realised that even if I live to be 100, I'm never going to use up the enormous crafty stash that has accumulated in my spare bedroom over the years. After all, there are only so many greeting cards that a girl can make. It was time for a re-think.

To start with, I tried selling some of my supplies as they were but I hated parting with them. It was like selling my babies! I also realised that selling pots of glue and packets of sequins was never going to satisfy me. Like most crafters and designers, I'm only happy when I'm being creative and I needed to create something. So I came up with the idea of putting together handmade craft supplies for other crafters, using elements from my stash. That way, I would feel I was achieving something and other crafters would get the benefit of "sharing my stash".

Each of my handmade craft supply items are therefore completely unique and also made with great care and attention. I really enjoy saying to myself "Oh, I could use that", searching my stash to find it and then seeing what new items I can come up with. My electronic die-cutting machine has never been so busy. I really enjoy packaging the products prettily too.

Excellent Customer Service is extremely important to all my businesses and Share My Stash is no exception. So if there is anything bespoke that you are interested in or if you have any questions/problems regarding any of my products, please do get in touch and I will personally make sure that you come out 100% satisfied.

Thank you for sharing my stash.

Melissa Lawrence