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“Realistic Tattoos On A Temporary Basis”

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Seven Day Tattoos

Professional realistic tattoos on a temporary basis.

Hi all I am Jon Daveraoux. Since a young child I have been fascinated with temporary tattoos. In the early days I used to purchase chewing gum and got a free transfer sticker inside (Telling my age now lol). I then became a tattooist for many years and owned my own tattoo shop where I learned a lot of skills in the designing and application of tattoos. Due to injuries to my hands, locked fingers, I retired from tattooing. However as tattooing is my love of life I set about designing and creating temporary tattoos. The journey to perfect a professionally realistic temporary tattoo was a long one but I did it. I use a two stage process that creates a highly realistic temporary tattoo that last for one to two days up to seven days, depending on placement. My temporary tattoos are made from all natural ingredients and inks so they are 100% Cosmetic Safe. They are also 100% waterproof so exercising, showering, bathing and swimming does not affect them. Plus they are easily removed using baby oil or soap and warm water.

Please Note: Seven Day Tattoos are designers and creators of highly realistic temporary tattoos. Our temporary tattoos are not 'Transfers' that can be bought elsewhere very cheaply or cheap stickers given free in 'Lucky Bags' ; they are highly professional hand made temporary tattoos. Once applied, they look like a freshly tattooed design.

I hope you too will like my creations. Jon