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“Realistic Tattoos On A Temporary Basis”

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Seven Day Tattoos

Professional realistic tattoos on a temporary basis.

Hi all I am Jon Daveraoux. Since a young child I have been fascinated with temporary tattoos. In the early days I used to purchase chewing gum and got a free transfer sticker inside (Telling my age now lol). I then became a tattooist for many years and owned my own tattoo shop where I learned a lot of skills in the designing and application of tattoos. Due to injuries to my hands, locked fingers, I retired from tattooing. However as tattooing is my love of life I set about designing and creating temporary tattoos. The journey to perfect a professionally realistic temporary tattoo was a long one but I did it. I use a two stage process that creates a highly realistic temporary tattoo that last for up to seven days, even longer. My temporary tattoos are made from all natural ingredients and inks so they are 100% Kid Safe. They are also 100% waterproof so exercising, showering, bathing and swimming does not affect them. They are easily removed using baby oil or soap and warm water. I hope you too will like my creations. Jon