Sally Mareike Ceramics

“Beautiful hand-made pottery inspired by nature.”

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About Sally Mareike Ceramics

Sally Mareike Ceramics

Hand-made beautiful pottery inspired by nature.

Creating my pottery is a real passion, usually inspired by things I find on my walks in the countryside or by the coast - simple things like dock leaves, seed heads, dried plants, seaweed, sea shells and weird washed up things that I don't know what they are. Other inspirations are from cultures that I've been lucky enough to experience, or have an affinity to. I used to live in Zimbabwe as a child, followed by Hong Kong, so African and Chinese designs will creep into my work at times. I also love Indian, South American, Maori and Australian Aboriginal designs fascinating and beautiful. Most of my work is functional - I like things to be useful and not just for looking at on a shelf. My style is quite rustic, informal, irregular and usually involves textures, nature based designs and colours.

I started playing with clay at evening classes in the late 1980s and got completely hooked after a couple of weeks and gradually over the years my work sold more and more. This was totally unexpected, as I had always believed I was rubbish at art! I feel happiest playing with clay and whenever I'm making, I find I am so deeply focussed on what I'm doing that the day passes very quickly, without a worry in the world and I feel wonderful when I've made such lovely things for other people to enjoy. Being a practitioner in Subtle Energy Healing, my pots will naturally have lots of love and gorgeous healing energy in them too! If you know anyone who has potential studio space for me, please get in touch, especially if it's a community of artists. Thanks!

I've recently moved from Hampshire to Somerset and am excited about my new adventure, not to mention the inspiring natural environment I find myself in!

To make my studio, I converted my garage in an environmentally friendly way, using old (clean) duvets and pillows for roof insulation. The walls are painted with left over clay paint from my house renovation and the window and doors are reused items too. You might have gathered that I'm hot on protecting the planet! My addiction to clay isn't only in creating things to fire. I also love earth building and clay plastering, and wish I had more walls to try out the decorative techniques I've learned on courses.

My weekly classes and one off workshops are popular (for me and my students!) and I'm really looking forward to starting more in the summer. Please look at my facebook page and www.thelittleboxoffice/sallymareikeceramics/ for information and booking.

Once you've had a browse, I'd love to know which pots you're drawn to and why. Thanks for visiting!