Handmade Prints by Richard Shimell

Richard Shimell

“Handmade original linocuts from a printmaker in the Dartmoor National Park.”

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Handmade Prints by Richard Shimell

Handmade original prints carved and printed in a Devon workshop

I was new to art when I joined a printmaking workshop in 2010. Since then it has become a bit of an obsession and my main livelihood.
I live in south Devon, in the Dartmoor National Park, in a valley surrounded by woods.
I'm drawn to landscapes and complexity, and trees in particular. I make most of my prints by carving pieces of vinyl flooring to leave an image in relief.
I begin by sketching parts of the tree and taking photographs. I then draw directly on to the vinyl in soft pencil or pen. I coat the drawing to protect it, then begin carving.
Each plate can take up to a month to carve. I use lino- or wood-cutting tools, and lately, sometimes, wood-engraving tools for very fine textural details. Once proofed and corrected, I usually make one or two other plates to go with the tree plate. These are sometimes carved to make a background feature or left intact to make a solid sky.