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“Beautiful & Unique Jewellery "For a Special Day or for Every Day"”

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If you see any design that isn't quite right for you either because of colours, design, length or findings it would be a pleasure to make something unique just for you a friend or loved one and in most cases turn round can be fairly quick even within 3 days others can take longer if I have to research beads and other items and would be happy to help with any enquiries.

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Beautiful Handmade and Unique Jewellery “For a Special Day or Every Day”

Beautiful Handmade and Unique Jewellery Hand Knit Cowls, Scarves and Accessories.

I have been in Graphics all of my working life and have also been interested in martial arts and have recently fallen in love with Kumihimo technique, where every piece is hand woven and hand finished.
Most of my jewellery is made in the Kumihimo style , Kumihimo (Kumi- Gathered, Himo- Threads) is a Japanese form of braid-making which dates back to the early 7th Century (Nara Period 645-784 AD) and has since been used to secure Samurai armour, Sword bindings and even for the Obi for Martial Arts belts.
Even today for the Obijime used on the Kimono. But I use it to produce unique pieces of Jewellery.
Most of the designs are as samples of what can be achieved, to buy or it would be a pleasure to produce a unique piece just for you, a loved one or friend.
So enjoy browsing and if you have any questions about stock or a piece to order, there are many hundreds of designs possible from the basic 8 to more elaborate 20 and 24 strand designs. Please don't hesitate to contact me,