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Debbie Rowlands

“ Sterling silver and gemstone jewellery handmade with love. x”

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Patchouli Jewellery

Handmade silver jewllwery inspired by the world around me. x

I have had an interest in jewellery for many years and remember as a child searching though my mum's box of inherited treasures and wondering how something so beautiful was made.

I began making beaded jewellery over ten years ago but always yearned to learn more about the exciting world of silversmithing, so I decided to take a part time course in silversmithing at a local college I am currently on my fourth year and still learning new techniques.

All my jewellery is designed and handmade by me in my very small home studio in South Wales UK.
I enjoy working with fine and sterling silver and beautiful gemstones, I love patterns and textures and often use these in my work this could be something as simple as the pattern from a dried leaf found in my garden, or a piece of vintage lace with its intricate pattern.

My jewellery is inspired by my love of nature and I have a slight obsession with all things birdie.
I have a love of old items so vintage inspiration creeps into my work at times.

When I am not making Jewellery I can often be found in the garden potting up plants and trying to grow vegetables.