ON! Juniper

Tess Ackland

  • United Kingdom

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About ON! Juniper

ON! Juniper

Award Winning Lip Balms and Bath Bombs Handmade with the Best Organic, Natural and Sustainably Sourced Ingredients.

In looking at bath and body products for my daughters, I realized that many items marketed for their demographic were cheaply made with synthetic ingredients, preservatives, unsustainably sourced ingredients, and chemicals known to irritate their skin or cause allergic reactions. As a mum this was pretty unsavory news ☹

The good news! ☺ I founded ON! Juniper to provide a safer and healthier alternative. ON! Juniper products are handmade by myself using organic and natural ingredients that are sustainably sourced. All products are free-from synthetic and harmful chemicals that can damage and irritate the skin and body, many of which have been linked to physical and mental afflictions, such as ADHD in children, cancer and endocrine disruption. We have also chosen to exclude common allergens and as a result, ON! Juniper products are also free-from wheat and nut-based oils.

ON! Juniper is:
Organic and Natural
Vegan, vegetarian friendly
No phthalates
No parabens
No major allergens
No wheat-based oils (and no gluten)
No nut-based oils
No sulphates
No fillers