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About NunuBebu


Love renewing and recycling everything...............

Hello there, I am Nunu, live with my husband, daughter and our dog Bebu (Cocker Spaniel). decided to name my shop NunuBebu as Bebu gets excited when I take my beads and tools out, he jumps on the dining chair beside me and sits there looking really nosey.
My ethnic origin is Tibetan so you'll see most of the designs are Tibetan or Nepalese as I grew up in Nepal.

I was running the shop Tibet Dreams/Komodo in Covent Garden London for many years making and selling handmade jewellery, still have lots of stock left from the shop so I decided to continue making jewellery as it's so therapeutic and enjoyable experience.

Most jewellery made from precious stones and metals was considered auspicious and luck bringing in Tibet and Nepal. I hope they brings you tons of luck too.

Thank You So Much