Must Destroy Jewellery

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Must Destroy Jewellery
Must Destroy Jewellery

Clare Shepherd

  • United Kingdom

“Accessories inspired by tattoos, creatures and friendship”

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I will be closed from August 1st -September 1st so that can fully stock the shop :)

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About Must Destroy Jewellery

Must Destroy Jewellery

Accessories inspired by tattoos, animals and friendship

Hello! Im Clare and I'm the face behind MustDestroyJewellery.

MustDestroyJewellery was born in mid 2007.

After trawling the local - and not so local shops - for unusual jewellery, I started to get fed up with either finding nothing I liked or having to pay a small fortune for something that everyone and her aunt were probably wearing.

I wanted something that was different and I decided to do it myself!

I made a few pieces for myself and then made gifts for friends and family. Interest grew and eventually I had so many people requesting items I decided I try to see if there was interest further afield.

A Facebook fan page was set up as was a small online store and an ebay shop.

The rest is history!

I do most of my selling online, although I have in the past held jewellery parties and stalls at local music venues.

When I'm not working on the shop I'm at my day job as a GP administrator or studying for my degree in Sociology / Criminology I like to watch films, read, listen to music, plan trips to Disneyland and play with my cats Danzig and Fizz