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“moonlit mandala art for those mindful moments.”

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Moonlight and Mandalas

Relax and go with the creative flow.

Hello I'm Sarah, I am so happy that you have joined me here and excited that we may travel along our paths together for a little while.

SO Art & Wellbeing - Moonlight and Mandalas has developed over the last 6 years, through working with people and on my own personal development journey, I feel I've found the right energy to create these peaceful and relaxing pieces.
This shop is about my Moondala Art but if you are interested in the other services I provide, you can find out more at

I really enjoy peoples differing energies and am curious about how people experience the world. I love nature from the spiralling waves of the sea, the veins on a delicate petal and the phases of the moon. I am fascinated by organic geometry and love to create my own and explore other peoples mandala art, I search for balance and equanimity ♥

As a self taught artist I make my own rules, combining varied media, I love to create mandalas that grow and take on their own stories. Inspired by nature, the patterns and shapes found in our organic environment and the natural geometry we find everywhere around us, my artworks are translations of my intuitive sense of the world.
I attend Mind, Body & Soul events and share my mandala art at exhibitions, there is something very beautiful about connecting with people in these settings within an open-hearted atmosphere filled with like minded-people.

I am extremely lucky to live on the south coast of England, in Sussex, close to the white cliffs at the sea and the South Downs, I have a messy home studio where I do all my creating and a little family of two children, two cats and a weekend dog!