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“Handmade crochet items for you and your home.”

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Makes by Louise

Handmade crochet items for you and your home

Hi, I am a self-taught crocheter from Norwich. I first picked up a crochet hook around 3 years ago and ever since, there have been very few days when I haven't been making and trying out different crochet projects.

I just love the appearance and texture of fabric made using crochet techniques. I find inspiration for my items from vintage and retro patterns as well as modern and contemporary styles.

There is always a sense of excitement I feel as to where my next project will take me and the endless possibilities of what can be created with the humble crochet hook and a ball of yarn.

I work from home, usually in the conservatory, which has evolved into an organised Craft Corner and Yarn Stash Space. All items I make are wrapped and stored with care.

Please do contact me if you have any questions about my items for sale or options of different colours etc.

Thank you for looking at my shop!