Handmade in Hammersmith

Handmade in Hammersmith

“Tweeds and tartans, cottons and linens, reclaimed and recycled into individual and practical new bags and pouches.”

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About Handmade in Hammersmith

Handmade in Hammersmith

Making new things out of old things. Interesting fabrics reclaimed and recycled.

Does this sound familiar? ... You have a bag, it's OK, in fact it's done good service for years (it's a bit mucky by now, make mental note not to chuck it on the car floor every time you set off) but really, well you'd like a pocket here, and maybe longer straps, and perhaps a fastening there, and wouldn't it be nice to bung it in the washing machine occasionally etc. etc. A really good bag isn't going to change the world, but goodness me it makes a difference to everyday life.

Handmade in Hammersmith started when I decided to stop grumbling one day and make my own bag. I had a sort of model which was made out of an unusual mustard yellow plastic but was exactly the right shape. Many prototypes later, I had it about right, and this is still the model for the bags I make today.

I wanted to work with tweeds, tartans, wool, heavy linens and cottons but felt a bit faint at the price per metre. So I got hold of some old tweed jackets and kilts in charity shops, unpicked them and washed them, and bingo - fabric for bags and pouches. I now put a numbered card in each bag / pouch with photographs of how it started out e.g. jacket / skirt / shirt. Everything has a story, even a humble coin purse.

Nowadays I source fabrics from all sorts of places - charity shops, jumble sales, donated from kindly friends (whose husbands' shirt collections get regular vigorous weeding), and make whatever that fabrics suggests ....

** the photograph is a patchwork tweed cushion that I made for my brother one Christmas; he has been strenuously promoting it on a variety of European flights ever since, although sad to relate the BA contract hasn't come through yet.

If you'd like to hear more (new things, behind the scenes, occasional SALES) you can sign up here: http://eepurl.com/b73bbv.