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“From Art Cards to Knits, in my shop they do co-exist!”

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  • Birthday card born in 1982 with unused Charles Darwin Tortoise Stamp inside

    Birthday card born in 1982 ...

    Lizbeth Anne Crafts

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About Lizbeth Anne Crafts

Lizbeth Anne Crafts

From Art Cards to Knits, in my shop they do co-exist!

As my shop is diverse because I sell hand knitted items, mainly for babies and children, and also sell Greetings cards printed from my own Artwork, it is a bit difficult to know where to start! Anyway, here goes.
I paint in our spare room using Acrylic paint, as I find that the best medium to work with, for me. I am inspired by scenery around me, the countryside, the beach and, much further afield, the mountains. As I add new cards to my shop, I hope to try painting different things, in order to keep my work fresh, although I will still paint traditional scenes as well. My cards are printed professionally on board from fully sustainable forests and the acetate covers are bio-degradable as I am trying to be as environmentally friendly as I possibly can, in this regard.
I have been knitting since I was very young and where I always used patterns. However, this is not the case now. Although, some of my items are fairly traditional, I will be adding more items that will have a different feel to them ie more brightly coloured. I knit baby cardigans, jumpers, matinee jackets and items for toddlers and pre-school children mainly. Although generally, I intend to make each hand knit a little bit different, and therefore more original, I will replicate if there is a demand for a particular item. Also, I will be knitting some items a little bit longer as babies and tots come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and I am finding that in some cases extra length is needed. I do display measurements but I will point out any items that are made extra long clearly. I hope that you enjoy looking at my shop!