Little Jo Art

Joanna Last

  • United Kingdom

“Black & Grey Art & Portraits”

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About Little Jo Art

Little Jo Art

Black & Grey Pencil Artist With A Particular Love Of Portrait Drawing

I am a self taught artist. I have had a love of drawing for as long as I can remember. I spent a few years working in a tattoo studio as an assistant/receptionist and body piercer, and I spent a lot of my time drawing tattoo designs for customers who would then have the designs tattooed on them at the studio, ranging from original designs to add-ons and cover ups. I started to draw for fun again in 2008, mainly my own original ideas. In 2013 I was inspired to start drawing portraits. I completely fell in love with portrait drawing and have practised hard to progress. Faces have always fascinated me, and I love to re create them. I now work full time as an artist in my studio in the Suffolk countryside, taking on commission drawings and creating a portfolio of portrait drawings of subjects that I am interested in that include musicians, actors and iconic people as well as people that I have met in my life. I also like to create my own designs and draw and paint my original ideas. My favourite artists that have inspired me the most are Hans Holbein, Kelvin Okafor, Alex Grey and H.R.Giger.

About My Work:
My preferred medium is pencil, I feel it comes naturally to me. I do the majority of my portrait work in pencil, although I am starting to explore painting. All commissions are done in pencil. Original artwork again is mainly done in pencil and I am now branching out into painting, investigating my own ideas and style. My style as far as portraits go is that I try to draw what I see as accurately as I can. I like realism and I like to be truthful in my work and my style flows naturally from that.

I do take on commission drawings (Please visit my website for more details). The work I have for sale here is a selection of original drawings and paintings from my portfolio and includes prints of my original drawings and paintings. If you have any questions about my work or would to know anything else please feel free to contact me.