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About Lemon Tree Creations

Lemon Tree Creations

I make and design anything crafty from bunting to jewellery.

I have been making and designing from an early age. I started with dolls clothes and it all went from there. I try and make everything from candles to bunting. Clothes to jewellery and anything inbetween. I cannot imagine not making anything on a daily basis. I have two young boys and spend my time running around with swimming, fencing and martial arts. I also have two cats and hope to find a puppy to join the clan.
I have recently been made redundant after twenty five years and have decided to spend some time trying to make business work so watch this space. Hopefully you will like what you see and help me achieve this.
Thankyou for spending the time to read this and hope you find enjoyment in what I do. If so please spread the word.
Thanks Becky