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Hi there! I'm Laura. Thanks for stopping by :)

I've always loved drawing and I think it's been an important part of who I am from when I was very little. As I got older, I studied art at GCSE and A level. I even got accepted for a university course but at that time it wasn't for me and I focused my energies on something else. Recently I was studying again but instead of immersing myself in this sciencey course, I spent any spare minute I had thinking about how much I would rather be creating art. I joined Twitter and followed artists on there; I started following loads of crafters on Facebook. And eventually I started drawing again.

Other artists are such a huge inspiration to me. I love how creative people can be, and it inspires me to try too. Other big influences are films and tv. I love animation, especially when they have great characters and a killer soundtrack: How to Train Your Dragon, for example, and any of the Studio Ghibli films. I love bold colours, interesting lighting, and anything cute. The main two things that make me happy are dogs and art. I used to have a little dog, she was the only dog I'd ever had and I adored her. She inspires a lot of dog-oriented work. I haven't been able to get another dog yet but hopefully in the future there will be another little furbaby running around, making me laugh and causing doggy-sized mayhem. For now, cute animal videos and endless memes are my salvation.

I work on my art from home: I've commandeered the dining room as my sort of office/art studio, and recently bought a little desk for my bedroom too. I work both with traditional media such as coloured pencils and watercolour, as well as digitally, using a graphics tablet and various software. I think if I had to choose, coloured pencils are my favourites because you can get some really mouth-wateringly bright colours and shading going on. There's also something kinda satisfying about drawing that I don't get from painting or digital work.

I am a bit of a recluse which suits me fine, but makes social media a bit daunting! If you happen to find me on Facebook or Twitter (I also have Instagram but it scares me lol) then come and say hi! I don't bite and as much as I am a bit of a hermit, I love to meet new people.