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“Artwork and stitchery inspired by nature and folklore”

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Fiona Gypsy Bunting

Art and stitchery inspired by nature and folklore

Welcome to Fiona Gypsy Bunting,nestled in the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.Being surrounded by nature you can't help but feel inspired by it.The change of the seasons brings about changes in the landscapes and in inspiration.
When i see a fox,hare,crow or other woodland creature I can't help but let my childlike imagination run wild,imagining these creatures homes and families and friends.Fox going back to his home after a night time stroll to read a paper by the fire.Hare finding food for her children whilst they are all tucked up in bed under patchwork quilts...

A lot of my inspiration also come from childhood stories and book illustrations I remember as a child.An image can say so much,even more than words some times.
As a child i would always be making something or lay on the floor with my drawing book and pencils.
When i reached 40 years old i decided it was time to do the thing i had always wanted to,go to art college,I was totally inspired and felt so at home there among other creative people.
After a year i left and set up my own business so that i could focus on creating full time,I love the freedom to create anything i feel inspired to and from my own home,it's where i find my 'peace' along with natures magical energies.
Blessings,Fiona :)