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My interest in ceramics started at school with a wonderful pottery teacher... I have been working with clay ever since!
My archaeological collection fine handmade vessels made using a cross between coiling and slab building and decorated using coloured clays and slips and various glazes. I like to experiment with different clays to see how they respond to the technique. My work usually has a textured or organic exterior, using found objects to create the surface texture. I also sometimes use metal leaf to add contrasting detail. The inside is often, by contrast, smooth, decorated with coloured slips and then glazed, as are the rims of the vessels, making them fully functional items. However I do enjoy for my pieces, where possible, to also stand alone as a sculptural piece as well as a functional object.
My work is always inspired by the surrounding New forest where I live, especially my Forest collection, but also by ancient ceramics forms and vessels. I am particularly interested by archaeological ceramic discoveries, which is reflected in my amphora forms.
I studied a degree in ceramics at Farnham in 1991 and subsequently achieved a PGCE. I have worked as an artist and art teacher for over 20 years. I gave up formal teaching in 2006 to return to my ceramics and I am currently working from my studio in the New Forest, producing my own ceramic work and teaching private ceramics lessons.