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Gail Myerscough

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“Bold and Colourful Surface Pattern Design. FREE UK DELIVERY ”

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Gail Myerscough

Bold and colourful surface pattern design and homewares


I'm Surface Pattern Designer based in Manchester in the UK.

I was born in Blackburn, Lancashire in 1971. As a child I loved colouring in. I once sent a picture to Tony Hart’s Gallery. It wasn’t chosen but that didn’t stop me wanting to be an artist when I grew up.

I studied Surface Pattern Design at University 20 years ago. At that time all work was hand drawn and used colour separation. Computers were hardly used apart from one session a week where we learnt the very basic Paint program. As my skills became obsolete I worked in other areas but really wanted to re-train and start designing again.
In 2015 I re-trained in surface pattern design. Not only did it give me the much needed skills to start designing again but re-kindled my passion for patterns.

My work is hand drawn then I use Adobe Illustrator to create the overall design. 

I have my designs printed onto fabric, mugs, coasters and cards. I make all the cushions and lampshades in my shop. All my products are sourced and made in the UK. 

I am influenced by mid century design and architecture and I use contemporary colour palettes in my designs.

Since I launched in October 2015 my work has been featured in The World of Interiors magazine, the Sunday Express S magazine, MOYO magazine and on The Make It In Design blog as an Alumni Success.

I live in South Manchester with my lovely husband, Matt, and a cat called Kat.