Fleet Footed Hare

Joolz Webb

  • United Kingdom

“Art and Crafts in felt and mixed media”

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Fleet Footed Hare

Felt sculpture and mixed media crafts.

Fleet Footed Hare leads you to an enchanted landscape, filled with fairy magic and whimsical woodland characters. Fae folk abound, fairy houses nestle among the tree roots and creatures scurry over the forest floor.....

Welcome to the art, crafts and imagination of UK Artist, Joolz Webb.
Joolz is based in rural Herefordshire, living and creating her designs in her 'wagon-by-the-woods' (a shepherds hut) - or alternatively she is on-the-road in her Magic Bus (campervan), finding beautiful places to stop and work in the wild.
Joolz' natural habitat is the woodland and countryside, she refuses to 'grow up' and maintains a healthy appetite for fairytales, fireside stories and fantastical fey folk - Nature and folklore fuel her imagination.

Over 20 years self-employed in the Arts world as a creative artist, craftswoman, prop-maker (film and theatre industry) and musician.