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“Anything I can make whilst taking a break!”

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Endeavour Crafts

Little crafts from my little flat.

Hello! Hope you're well. :)

My name is Amy and I am currently living in a little flat in Chester just outside the Roman walls. I grew up in Hereford though and have lived in lots of different places in the UK doing lots and lots of different things. I'm here in Chester to do my masters in Biomedical Science and am not quite sure what that will lead to yet...but as ever, I have lots of ideas!

I've always enjoyed being creative but have been guilty of leaving a trail of unfinished projects behind me as I've moved about the country. I love being outdoors and have always been easily distracted by the next 'adventure'!

Recently, just before the big three oh, I was diagnosed with ME which has left me somewhat more stationary than I used to be. My condition is mild and I am super grateful that I am (most of the time) still able to study and make things. In fact it has created an opportunity for me to learn what I can do from the comfort of my sofa. After finishing the 'to make' list of gifts for friends and family I didn't know what to make next or what to do with it once I'd finished. Hence Endeavour Crafts!

I'm not here to make lots of money...(which is probably very lucky!)...but if I can make something that will bring you joy and pay for a glass of wine at the same time then I figure that's a win win situation!