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“'Decorative Folk Art - Textile & Wirework Treasures to Accessorise Home & Self'”

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Enchanted Lane

"Handmade Bohemian Decorative Gifts to Accessorise Home & Self"

'Beads/Metal/Fibres; My Sweet Shop - An Endless Array of Possibilities of Texture Colour and Form'

Made in Sheffield. My creative journey began as soon as I could toddle; the definitive moment I guess, was watching Miss use the rock tumbler in top class followed by my Nans teaching me to knit on a little french knitter doll.

The natural world is my greatest influence; nurtured by my grandparents dedication to the flora and fauna that is all around us in day to day living. Other sources that drive my creativity comes from fairy tales, myths and fables, mystical and magical things, poetry, movies, the changing seasons, life experience, the extraordinary and the strangest of places…

It's a pleasure to make things that bring enjoyment for people to cherish. Each piece of work is hand created in Yorkshire using quality sourced materials. I particularly enjoy using textile, semi precious stones, glass, wood and wire in my designs.

When I first began crafting in a professional sense I spent some time locally out on stall in Yorkshire. I loved meeting customers and other stallholders; it's a great environment and really grounds you. I've since discovered online portals.
Some of my creations travelled as far away as Canada and South Africa which is really nice.

I aim to make things that are good quality, to be fun, stylish, alluring and distinctive.

Sometimes I might incorporate carefully sourced vintage/recycled beads/materials into my creations; I feel this all adds to the uniqueness and charm of the product. You can rest assured that these materials go through a thorough cleaning and inspection process when this is the case.

When I was a wee bit younger I penned some what I'd describe as fun/quirky/dark poems for children 5+ to read. I was very lucky to have a selection of them chosen to be published in three UK anthologies.I do hope to get round to publishing my own collection someday.
In the coming years I will sure to be on the lookout for an artist with whom I can collaborate to create some magical illustrations to accompany my writings...

When I'm not busy crafting I'm sometimes to be found working in Social Care which I have done on and off throughout my adult life.

I live in beautiful Yorkshire with my partner, we have a grown up son. I love pugs, fish, gardening and gorillas. Our two fish Nobbly and Speedy have since passed to the great aquarium in the sky but I have a cracker of a poem to remember them by...

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you have enjoyed your visit,

Della Marie