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“Hand made, bespoke colourful jewellery you'll love to wear!”

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I am a jeweller who loves colour and pattern, combining both in my collections of contemporary jewellery on The Jewellery Boat

My name is Eleanor Watson and I am a jeweller who loves to include colour and pattern in my creations. I have always enjoyed making things with my hands. My mother was very creative and resourceful and taught us all to sew, knit, paint and make things from our "Doofer" cupboard, full of things that would "do for" something, so when we were bored on a rainy day we'd empty the cupboard and make things with pipe cleaners, beads, sequins, felt, polystyrene trays, materials.....materials.....

I'd describe myself as a colour smith, I love to take photos of nature and my environment, especially when something strikes me as a beautiful combination of colours, textures and light. I work across a wide range of media inclusion sterling silver, gold, semi precious stones, anodised aluminium, porcelain, fused glass and kiln enamel. I enjoy experimenting with materials, depending on my starting point of inspiration which may be anything from moss and lichens or the sea shore to gas towers and street graffiti! Our eyes are wonderful things and there is so much beauty in the world all around us every day.

I produce a wide range of gifts under the banner "The Jewellery Boat" and have another shop on Folksy called "The Porcelain Menagerie" where I sell my decorations, buttons and porcelain jewellery. Search me out: see: Mollygosh

I teach jewellery making in Stoke Newington, London and I make individual private commissions for special occasions and am happy to discuss ideas if you have something in mind.I look forward to hearing from you!