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The Dragonlane Story of Me

I am a silver jewellery artist, living in the south of England, with my husband and a finicky cat named Peri.

I have been making jewellery for many years, initially working with a combination of beads and metal findings. Wanting to challenge myself a bit more, I took courses in metal-smithing, curious about how to work with different materials. Afterwards my jewellery took on a whole new dimension and I became a bit obsessed.

These days I am happiest in my small studio, creating artisan jewellery, with precious metals and gemstones. I love making body adornments and often work with customers to create their own designs. I very much enjoy that process and collaboration.

I am a former New York City resident who found love in England more than a few years ago.

I care passionately about the environment and social causes. When not in my studio it may be that I’m writing letters to the editor, yelling at the television, or attending committee meetings.

Dragonnade was named after one of my favourite places located in Devon.