Dandelion Bookbinding

Sarah D'Souza

  • United Kingdom

“Gorgeous handmade books for scribblers, list makers and life planners”

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Dandelion Bookbinding

Quirky notebooks for scribblers, pen chewers, list makers and life planners

At first I came to bookbinding to find a home for my own decorative and printed designs and then I fell in love with it. I still like to use my own work but I also incorporate anything from old Scooby - Doo annuals, security envelopes, vintage writing paper, maps, architects drawings, wonky works of art and fancy paper bags. I get a thrill out of applying the rigour of bookmaking to the salvaged and reclaimed. I work in the utility end of the kitchen to the hum of the washing machine, catching up with radio 4 dramas - which I have to turn off when I get to the measuring bit. Although I love to recycle there's nothing quite like working with a creamy smooth stack of new paper. So very much a mix of the old and the new.

I love mending things and have a passion for sustainable fashion. I am half way through #myyearwithoutnewclothes. Catch up with how I am doing on instagram. And yes that is me in the hobbit outfit...