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I have sandblasted William Blake's entire poem 'Auguries Of Innocence', on the outer surface of this blue bowl, and the tree of life on the inside.

I use glass and ceramic as canvases onto which I draw my freehand designs, which I then sandblast. I've recently begun working with the photo resist method, and am starting to incorporate these pieces into my shop.
I love the concept of 'Functional Art', so I blast onto pieces that serve a purpose.
I want my work to be utilised and hopefully enjoyed daily.

I've been involved with animal rescue for many years, and hope that my (com)passion for nature, love of words and the art of sandblasting my original designs onto functional pieces of glass and ceramic, work well together.
I blast as deeply as possible, depending on the thickness of the piece on which I'm working. I do this in order to produce a very clean, crisp and even image, which also gives a tactile relief.

Please feel free to contact me with any queries or requests.