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“Raising funds to help children escape child labour in DR Congo. You choose what you pay for the items. ”

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This item has a base price but if you can pay a bit extra, we would be so grateful. 100% of the value of this item goes to help the children supported by Kimbilio, a children's charity in Lubumbashi, DR Congo. Kimbilio care for children who have escaped the streets, abandonment and cobalt mining. Children who have slaved for 12 hours a day for as little as 8p and have gone hungry. £10 will feed a child at Maison Kimbilio 3 meals a day for a whole week. They are nurtured, fed, clothed and educated. This is a true haven for children whose human rights have been abused.

THANK YOU. The children at Kimbilio appreciate every penny.

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About Children of the Congo

Children of the Congo

Raise money to support children escape the abuse of child labour.

Flinty Maguire: I live with my husband and look after my elderly mum. We live by the east coast and have two rescue dogs. I used to design nursery soft furnishings. I got into website and graphic design and founded a website for the World Heritage Site of Saltaire: I've worked as an editor and written two children's novels (I like writing best of all). I don't specialise. I like variety and using my skills as they're needed.

In February 2017, I watched the Sky News report by Alex Crawford on children mining cobalt in DR Congo. Cobalt is a mineral in rechargeable batteries found in smartphones, cameras and cars, for example. There were two children featured in the report: Dorsen and Richard. By my standards, they were having the worst, nightmarish day - but for them, it was just an ordinary day of suffering: a 12 hour day of hard labour in harzardous conditions for as little as 8p. Alex Crawford captioned it: “This is what hopeless looks like.” Heartbreaking. I knew I had to help these cobalt children. I set up a website the next day: and began a campaign. Child abuse in the cobalt industry goes on year after year, because the corporates can get away with it - unless, of course, consumers like you and me keep objecting and making a noise. If you care, raise your voice. Go to the website and find out how you can help.

100% of the sale value of the things I sell here, goes to Kimbilio, a registered charity in Lubumbashi, DR Congo, who offer Congolese children a way out of the mines, the streets and abandonment. I was lucky to find this charity. It transforms and saves children's lives. Seeing a child who has suffered so much smile again, is perfectly wonderful. You can donate direct to Kimbilio through the

Thank you for reading this. Our smartphones may have an ugly backstory. Shame on the corporates who present it as shiny, new "modern" technology, when children and adult artisanal miners have suffered so much to unearth cobalt needed to make it work. Shame on the corporates who can’t be bothered to respond to letters. I’m keeping track of them. If only one corporate would set an example. Reparation needs to be made and it has to start somewhere. In the meantime, we will raise money. One child at a time.