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“Unique botanical prints and natural dyes by hand”

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  • Fine wool etamine scarf hand printed with onion skins. SC133

    Fine wool etamine scarf han...

    By Maggie Naturally


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  • Kimono silk eternity scarf, printed with tree paeony and logwood. SC130

    Kimono silk eternity scarf,...

    By Maggie Naturally


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  • Silk scarf shibori hand dyed with yellow onion skins. SC72

    Silk scarf shibori hand dye...

    By Maggie Naturally


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  • Silk scarf printed with red onion skins (SC62)

    Silk scarf printed with red...

    By Maggie Naturally


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  • Large wool shawl hand printed sustainably with Eucalyptus Parvifolia SC187.

    Large wool shawl hand print...

    By Maggie Naturally


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About By Maggie Naturally

By Maggie Naturally

One-of-a-kind wearable, wall and household art made with botanical prints and natural dyes, crafted by hand on textiles and paper. Beware: it's addictive!

The beauty and range of plants in my garden and the fabulous green spaces here in the city of Liverpool are my source of inspiration. Trees and plants which I walked past for years, not really seeing them, now fascinate me. The prints which they make vary enormously with the fibre and/or dyes with which they are printed. Learning about the interplay between leaves, fibres and dyes is a wonderful voyage of discovery.

I discovered botanical [aka "eco"] printing by accident three years ago.. I went down to the banks of the River Mersey to pick a load of elderberries, but soon realised that there was no way I could use them all to make jam for a second year running.. my garage shelves were full of the previous year's jam, and we'd given loads as Christmas presents. We couldn't do that again. I was already pursuing my long delayed passion for textiles, having "retired" from work, so I googled "how to make elderberry dye" and discovered a whole new world of natural dyeing and botanical printing. I have been totally hooked ever since!

My partner Matthew is amazingly accommodating, always checking whether the green stuff in the fridge is for supper or the dye pot, and working round pans of weird substances sitting in the garden. Prince, our rapidly ageing dog, has got thoroughly used to having a rest on our walks whilst I rummage around for leaves and windfalls, and I've learnt never to leave my prints lying around because Piper our cat will find and colonise them!

So now I happily spend my days printing, dyeing and stitching in my studio at home, making wearable and wall art, and household items with my prints. I know there's no point in wishing our lives away, but I DO wish I had discovered all this ten years ago! There is still SO MUCH to learn.. there aren't enough hours in the day!


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