Jayne Ramage - mixed-media artist and jewellery designer.

  • United Kingdom

“Mixed-media art, jewellery and craft for dance lovers.”

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Ballet inspired mixed-media art, jewellery and craft.

Hi, my name is Jayne. I am a former nurse, movement to music teacher and balletomane! I have loved ballet for as long as I can remember, attending classes and performances most of my life. I also love art and craft. Now retired, I spend time creating mixed-media art and jewellery inspired by ballet, paper dolls ( loved playing with these as a child!) and lace.
My pictures are created from several layers of watercolour paper, fabric and lace as follows -
1. Plain watercolour paper.
2. My handwritten text of ballet terms printed onto watercolour paper.
3. A hand drawn/coloured in paper doll which is printed onto watercolour paper and re-touched by hand. She is carefully cut out and then her limbs placed to give the impression of movement.
4. A dress of pretty fabric.
5. Finally a hand dyed or cream lace motif and other vintage lace trimmings.
I digitally reduce/alter the colour of the original piece for black and ivory pictures, jewellery, magnets, bookmarks etc. retouching by hand. I then frame the original piece in a rounded edge glass clip frame.
(BalletoJayne paper doll image copyright Jayne Ramage)