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Abigail Elston

  • United Kingdom

“"The Joy of a Cushion"”

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Pink Pig Textiles

The girl that sews " Dresses to Drapes"

It all started with my favourite Pink Pig, that my sister made for me and placed in my cot when I was born.
So you could say my interest in sewing started at an early age!
As a family we have always knitted, sewn and made beautiful things, passing on our creativity through the generations.
So it was no surprise when I went to Salford University to study Fashion Design. Discovering a passion not only in the design of a garment but in the quality of the sewing.
Once qualified I then worked for 10 years in the clothing industry before having children and eventually going part-time.
Along the way I've evolved and now also have a passion for soft furnishings. To the point that I've set up in our attic making bespoke curtains and accessories. Having a keen eye for design and quality, enhanced by my technical ability enables me to produce beautifully crafted products for my customers.
My family and friends are now encouraging me to show my work to a wider audience. "Thank you Folksy "

Thank you for taking the time to browse my shop.